Episode 14, the lost episode, is up. It's just Tim on this one, so it's probably not as entertaining as the rest, but it definitely contains some awesome music. Tim talks about why the cast disappeared, reads tons of emails, and gives an on-air apology. Check it out in the Episodes section.

You might be asking yourself right now, "Where the hell am I, and how do I escape?!" Well, you can never escape. As for where you are, you've stumbled into the archives of the VGM Megacast, a now-defunct podcast that was hosted by Tim and Tony of Year 200X. The VGMMC played video game covers, and also included weekly features such as The Word, the Website of the Week, and other random stupidity.

We recently stumbled across all of the previous episodes, which we thought had been lost forever, as well as a never-released episode. So if you have some time on your hands (sorry, time lost listening to the VGMMC is non-refundable), check it out. Check the show notes to see what bands we played that week, or just listen from the beginning in order to get all of our ran-into-the-ground jokes.

We had a great time recording this podcast, as well as interacting with the fans that we developed. We're sorry we had to drop off the face of the earth suddenly, but sometimes life just happens. We hope you enjoy this little repository of good music and fun.

--Tim and Tony

*ps...unfortunately, the VGM Megacast email is no longer functioning, but if you want to comment, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Thanks!


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