The VGM Megacast is a podcast dedicated to playing only the best video game covers. Started by Tim of the NES cover band Year 200X, this podcast was created as a way to promote the video game cover scene. While podcasts already exist that play video game remixes and video game-inspired original music (see GameWave Podcast), Tim decided to create this cast in order to round out the spectrum of video game music and include the cover scene. The video game covers you will hear on the podcast vary in style, including (but not limited to) metal, rock, chiptune, nintendocore, and 8-bit.

With Tony from Year 200X as a co-host, and containing weekly video game news, website of the week, and other regular features, the VGM Megacast is your source for all things VGM.

Meet your hosts!

Name: Tim Lydon
Age: 29
Interesting Facts:
*Born near Anaheim, CA.
*Had 13 different video game consoles before they were stolen
*Is married. To a girl.
*Plays guitar, bass, and played drums and sax in high school.
*Has a black belt in Taekwondo.
*Is a Galaga master.
*Has a Scotty dog named Duncan.
*Can speedrun SMB 2 in about 15 mins. (ok, that's not the best, but better than most can say)
*Thinks "Mr. Roboto" may very well be the greatest song ever written.

Favorite VGM bands: Shawn Phase/Temp Sound Solutions, Powerglove, This Place is Haunted, Entertainment System, Super Dracula, Kid Overdrive, The Megas, NESmetal, Anamanaguchi, Machinae Supremacy...everyone really
Favorite non-VGM bands: Tori Amos, Megadeth, Faith No More, Death, Opeth, Soilwork...too many to mention.
Myspace site:

Name: Tony Oliver
Age: 29
Interesting Facts:
*Was not here when Tim put this stuff on the page.
*Needs to tell Tim what to put here.

Favorite VGM bands: See above.
Favorite non-VGM bands:See above above.
Myspace site: